Our Services

Let Only Service

We offer TWO types of ‘Let Only’ services.

  • Our ‘Bronze’ package covers the very basic needs of a landlord. It has been designed for experienced landlords that require little assistance.
  • Our ‘Silver’ package is for landlords who wish to have an active role in the letting of their property however require the professional assistance of an agency.

Management Service

We offer TWO types of ‘Management’ services.

  • Our ‘Gold’ service is for those busy individuals who don’t have the time to manage the day to day duties of a landlord. As part of the ‘Gold’ service we would be the first point of contact for the tenant. Our landlords would benefit from our expertise and our trusted contractors.
  • Our ‘Platinum’ service is a premium service. This service is tailored for landlords that appreciate a quality service and would prefer to pass the responsibility (of letting their property) to the professional. This package covers all aspects of letting your property including annual tax statements and property valuations.

To establish which package fits your requirements call or pop in for an informal and strictly confidential consultation. Alternatively email us